TAKE ME I, Jessy Gauthier 2015

Of course, PHOTOGRAPHY has always been a passion, from the dark room in the ’80 to digital cameras today. My principal interest is to immortalize unique moments and the beauties of the nature all over the world by DAY; explore light effects and overexposure in the darkness of the NIGHT.


Throught all this process, I couldn’t resist to create 3D ART which are produced by different softwares, such as fractal programs (Artmatic, MandelBulb), different 3D softwares (Bryce 3D, 3DS MAX), vector and pixel applications (Illustrator, Photoshop) to be used in VIDEOCLIPS and LIVE VJING.

Now some of those images are available for sale (printed and digital format for various uses, wallpaper for computers, tablets and cellphones). All those images are also in animated version.


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* AS3D : is a 3D video diplayed on special monitors, using many point of views (cameras), to see the 3D without without the need of special 3D glasses, I used to call it : holographic video.   Perfect for unique eye-catching digital signage in a public space.

Creative and technological visual artist, BA in Graphic Communication and
self-educated in many fields about image creation (animated, 2D and 3D),
I explored through many personal projects, and developped my own
style in a wide range of situations : corporate productions, visuals for
shows performances, theater, clubs and various artistic events.


Produced different techniques for videoclips through the years, but the most recent project, during winter 2015, I mixed all my different knowledges to create my masterpiece VIDEOCLIP for the performer/singer Jessy Gauthier, which I filmed using greenscreen

and integrated in a 3D surrealistic universe.


As dancing on groovy beats and energic music has been my big fun since I am a kid, my MUSIC passion became the perfect support for my video productions! As it began by the need of an original soundtrack for my productions, the music world took soon another level and became DJ, many studio remixes and original productions.

To be updated for events I create or participate, and to see when I publish new projects

(illustrations, photographs, video creations, experimentations, etc.)

For an efficient communication, animating elements (texts, photos, videos) requires a wide range of knowledge including : the aesthecism and understanding of an efficient visuel communication (graphic design, timing, contrasts, readability) to create the perfect presentation and, of course, the technical knowledge (softwares and compatibility) to make it.

After years of producing contents for digital signage and artistic video projects (2D, 3D and AS3D), I am more than proud to use my experience for your projects, corporate message, product presentation or environment integration.

In 2010, I joined the innovative team of Numerix 3D as the artistic director & producer of advertisements and developped a unique expertise in creation of VIDEO CONTENT for autostereoscopic displays, multi-view displays and 2D-plus-depth displays.

Having to use the professional software 3DS MAX and different plugins for rigged cameras, I also had to adapt to the PC world to find out how to get the best depth without distortion with the different technologies for different  AS3D tv brands on the market : Alioscopy, Philips, Tridelity and LG, for some of the most demanding clients of the industry : Cirque du Soleil, Michelin, Proctor & Gamble, Merck, RBH, SAAQ, etc.

Creator of visuals for festive atmosphere, textures and movements follow different levels and mix to create a magical experience in LIVE VJ performances (events, clubs, shows, signers, theatre, fashion show, etc) :

- Front or retro projection

- For the projected image or the light produced by the rays of light themself (requiers a smolke-machine)

- Shadow performance / interactivity with the image

- Integration to the environment (virtual aquarium, video mapping, illusion)

- Vjing on LED screens bright enought to be used as a part of the lighting

Dan Saycool continuously explores various softwares, techniques and researches to design 100% of his visual material, depending on location and desired ambiance :

- Particle animation, modeling and textures game

- Transparency / reflection / textures / movement

- Color balance and image brightness

- Video shoots (nature in slow motion, high contrast, timelapse...)